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Alive Again! Fruit filled Nutritional Juice
Alive Again

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"Two roads diverged
in a wood and I - I took
the one less traveled by,
 and that has made all the difference."
  Robert Frost

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Notes from the Manager's Scratch Pad
by Bruce Cloud, Sr, P.E. (AuthorHouse - CloudCrafts, 2009)

$25.00 Hardcover includes Shipping on ebay-floatinc

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Available in Hard Cover & Paperback

Notes from the Manager's Scratch Pad,
Articles Written to the Employees of the Company

... i
s a collection of Bruce B. Cloud Sr.'s mentoring articles published in the company’s employee magazine from 1965 to 1984 and again in 2005.  Cloud a registered professional engineer ascended the ranks of a family owned international construction company to retire as co-chairman of the board.  He emphasized how a company must be resourceful with its assets to be successful,  that money doesn’t grow on trees and that without success there is no company, there are no jobs. 

Excerpts from 'Notes...'

  • Don't be afraid of doing too much—always deliver more than you are paid for and remember success in any endeavor depends on your initiative and your determination to be a "self starter".  (p.70)

  • Let's start back at the grass roots and instill into our younger people a pride of work. Teach them that regardless of what they are or do that they should try to be the best they are capable of and that satisfaction comes from giving an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. (p.112)

  • Through their rules and regulations, the decision rights of every citizen and every business are being dictated by groups that the average citizen has no control over and has no way of changing through our political election system (75,000 full-time government regulators costing $3 billion a year --- June 1976). (p151)

  • Although knowledge is a great asset, the most successful people are the 'doers' (p.222)

  • Now regardless of whether we are talking about being an executive, a manager or a foreman makes little difference because really we are talking about one's ability to work with and get along with other people. (p.233)

More about 'Notes...', B.B. Cloud, Preview

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Alive Again! Fruit filled Nutritional JuiceAlive Again!
From the Renaissance Team, LLC
Irving, Texas 75038
Distributor ID:  0410845

Some of our favorite juices and then some:  Concorde Grape, Noni, Acai Berry,  Mangosteen, Pomergranate, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Apple, Pear, PLUS, Green Tea, Ginseng, Gilko,Bilboba, Resveratrol and Quercetin

A Premier Blend of Nutritious Anti-Oxidant Rich, Super-Fruits
and 100% Organic Aloe/Sabila - to enhance absorption of nutrients

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