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Healthy Employees = Healthier Bottom Lines
It has been shown that if you solve the nutrition deficiencies
in your body that the body can utilize it's own ability to heal itself

Cloud Equipment is proud to be an independent distributor for Liquidity International.  A vertically integrated Texas based Wellness company recognized worldwide for growing, processing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality nutritional Aloe Vera products available anywhere.

Liquidity's Superior Nutrition, Weight Management and Skin Care Products are helping people around the world become healthier ...

"You can't buy a better product @ any price"   
Scott McKnight, Liquidity's CEO
Hear from Scott McKnight,  Dial:  212.990.7005

Think about this:  We spend more time & money on trying to keep our computer systems from getting a virus than we do for ourselves, employees and families  

In the construction equipment business we talk about preventive maintenance to keep down owning & operating cost...If we do that for cold hard steel why don't we do it for our fragile warm bodies?

Make it your strategy to help yourself and those you care about become healthier by using Liquidity's products

I am not an expert!  But, I do hear the news about how so many of us are going to grow old & broke!  You've probably heard that old saying:

If I had known I was going to live this long
I would have taken better care of myself

Sooner or later either your health or wealth will be a priority!

It would be a shame to wake up some day and find out you've lost them both.
Everyday you can read about pensions and benefits being cut
Everyday you can read about Medicare being trimmed
Everyday you can count less on Social Security
Everyday you live you can read about job cuts
Everyday we either get better or worse
Everyday it is up to you
No one else

If your company could offer its employees access to wellness products and a healthcare program that would:

  •         Improve their health

  •         Potentially reduce their pharmaceutical costs

  •         Allow them to achieve a longer life expectancy

  •         Help them to avoid the maladies of aging

  •         Augment their quality of life

  •         Improve their financial health

  •         Would you Do it?

Liquidity Wellness Products Can Make A Difference For You Too

LiquiVida, Nature's most powerful antioxidants are in this one of a kind nutrition drink.
Drink approximately one ounce each day and know that you are providing your body and mind a blend of world class aloe and other natural juices filled with vitamins, minerals and trace elements designed to help you work at peak efficiency ... and because the Juice has a natural sweetener, Xylitol, it actually taste good!

When exercising and working remember to hydrate.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and refresh with Liquidity's 'Complete' health drink.
'Complete' provides 100% daily value of Vitamin B6 and 333% of Vitamin B12.
'Complete is 80% of the highest quality Aloe Vera, it provides 10 synergistic nutritional products and taste good without the addition of fattening sugars like most popular sports drinks.

More details about "Complete"

Drinking just one to one & a half ounces of these marvelous nutrition drinks, daily is definitely worth a pound of prevention, perhaps a ton!

Help Yourself, Your Family, Your Friends, Your Co-Workers
Promote a Better life Thru Superior Nutrition

If employees truly are company's most important asset then by helping them feel and look better we are naturally improving the performance on the job, in the office and setting an attainable example for families and community. 

By promoting these facts as a best business practice we can:

  • Reduce our corporate healthcare cost

  • Help our employees with the two most critical problems we all have to deal with;  Rising medical & prescription drug cost and Retirement...

What percent of our insured and uninsured workers will be able to take care of their expenses and if they can't then where do you think the money is going to come from? 

We can make a great difference by starting to  work on the problems now.  Let me show you how the program can subsidize itself and contribute to additional wellness topics. 

Finally, Here is an opportunity to purchase, distribute and use the highest quality wellness products @ wholesale pricing.


Give Liquidity a try...believe me, I am glad I did! BC

These statement have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

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