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  Notes from the
  Manager's Scratch Pad

Articles Written to the Employees of the Company

    Bruce B. Cloud, Sr., P.E.


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"Inspirations captured by Benjamin"

Gallery One
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Love is patient
Love is kind ...
1 Corinthians
4.25x5.5 top fold

Love lifts our spirit
4.25x5.5 top fold


Make me an instrument
of Thy peace ...
4.25x5.5 top fold



For I know the plans ...
Jeremiah 29:11
4.25x5.5 top fold

Mom's Rose
4.25x5.5 top fold


I know that my
Redeemer lives...
JOB 19:25,27
4.25x5.5 top fold

My Lord am I a gift...
5x7 page

Text Box:      
     You can teach me Lord
     … In a hurry
     You can bring me along
     … In time
     It’s tough to learn the lesson 
     Yet, it is worth it every time

        Benjamin 040206

Your Spirit shines brightly
5.5x4.25 side fold


My mind yearns...
5.5x4.25 side fold



In your life my Lord...
5.5x4.25 side fold


The Spirit fill our soul
5.5x4.25 side fold


8.5x11 page

You can teach me Lord...
4x6 post card


Easter Card
4.25x.5.5 top fold

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