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Notes from the Manager's Scratch Pad are timeless articles originally published in 'the company's' newsletter.  Written by my father, Bruce Cloud, Sr. these short communiqués are full of guidance and explanations of how to be successful.  They relate to events and strategies now as well as they did  when written between 1965 and 1984.  .


Our next book publication:
It's What I Have Always Wanted to Do, Bruce Cloud, Jr.

More about CloudCrafts

Established in 1989 for multi-media productions specializing in:

  • video for corporate and industrial promotions

  • construction equipment demonstrations

  • inspections and appraisals

  • applications and operations

CloudCrafts has developed into a marketing service for our clients who appreciate our experience in the construction industry and ability to communicate in terms their clients understand.  Our portfolio of work includes,

  • equipment marketing and sales

  • tradeshow participation and follow-up,

  • new business development along with company newsletters and press releases. 

  • website hosting, content development & maintenance

  • in-house photography, video and desk top publishing.

"CloudCrafts" name came about by my desire to express myself, thus these are my 'crafts'.  If I am fortunate to leave a lasting legacy my hope and prayers are that I have been able to share the inspirations God has encouraged me to capture. 

"Benjamin's, Thoughts and Perceptions" have been a work in progress since I was 18 years old.  The chronological order maintains perspective on my maturing process and perhaps on yours too since I write believing that many of us have common problems and dreams.

Only within the last few years have I become to understand that God has not given me these fruitful verses only to have them filed away.  Yes, I write about the Spiritual in a very real yet perhaps mystical viewpoint; but I always wanted to have a way of illustrating not just writing. 

The answer is so often right under our nose or in my case right in my own backyard! My two golden retrievers got restless around lunchtime back several years ago and came into my office to rouse me into taking them for a walk.  In taking this time to reflect the suggestion came over me not to look down at the ground to see my next step but to look up...there they were...the most beautiful, radiant clouds set in a rich blue sky waiting for me to take their picture and that is how I knew God was supporting me... I've continued walking the dogs and the pictures have kept presenting themselves and serve as the backdrop to these inspirational cards and mini-posters.  God is with us all the time...we only need to open our eyes and acknowledge His light to see what he sets before us.

I appreciate your interest and in sharing these thoughts with me and with those you decide to share them with.

Slowly but surely I am adding to the gallery and shopping cart for there are many more to come.  BC

Current endeavors include: