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  Notes from the
  Manager's Scratch Pad

Articles Written to the Employees of the Company

  Bruce B. Cloud, Sr., P.E.

About the Book

How many times have you heard that money does not grow on trees? Notes from the Manager's Scratch Pad is a collection of articles written by Bruce Cloud from 1965 to 1984 to the employees of the company he led. Cloud emphasizes how a company must be resourceful with its assets to be successful; without success there is no company - there are no jobs.

Cloud provides lessons that help each of us to visualize our roles in the company as a balanced approach to our work. His ability to observe our complicated human nature incorporates attitudes with best business practices to establish high standards that enable all his peers opportunity to thrive.

These articles show how historical events impacted their business and reflect how many similar circumstances are found today. Have we learned from history, or are we doomed to repeat it?

In 2006, Bruce Cloud was asked to write another article to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s internal news publication. In that article, Things of the past should not be forgotten, but made for the future, he summarized his proven philosophy for businesses then and now. This, his last article, is appropriately placed as the introduction and captures the essence of this literary collection.

These articles are products of experience. Integrate this compilation of corporate topics into your own mission statement and set of values. Cloud coaches us to challenge ourselves and help others: "Unless you can help someone as you go through life, you have wasted whatever talent you possess."

About the Author

Bruce B. Cloud, Sr. (1920 – 2007) was a professional engineer (P.E.) whose journeyman and executive career shaped him into a corporate and industry leader. During the post and cold war eras he managed an emerging privately held company in a rapidly developing worldwide construction market. 

Cloud had an intrinsic ability to communicate with every level of his organization, as well as the industry associations to which he devoted his time. Over three generations of the company founder’s family relied on his guidance. These articles, written to the employees of the company, speak for how he inspired loyalty, citizenship, pride, humility, and much more.

Cloud’s talent and character encouraged each company employee to become a thinker, and more importantly, to take action. He believed in reaching out with a helpful hand, but not a handout. His faith in God, family, and the foundations of our country enabled him to be a role model. He excelled as a mentor and always worked to improve the process. His wisdom extends far beyond these ‘Notes’. Ultimately, he hoped to have made an enduring footprint for others to follow.

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