About Us...

Goals / Mission

  • To trust that my life is being directed by God

  • To establish solid relationships with good reliable people within a network of peers and teachers.  .

  • To be thankful every day for this opportunity to enjoy life and to share the hope of a better quality of living with those who are willing to work for it ... and to offer a helping hand to those who can't.

  • To emphasize that diseases are not inevitable but are preventable; however, it will take a change in the status quo ... we are not helpless and our future is not in fostering well-fare; but, in promoting wellness.

  • To provide exceptional customer service, product information and opportunity training for individual's and companies.

Words of Wisdom

Dudley R. Cloud, Grandfather - Bridge Builder
"...always leave enough on the bargaining table for both parties to come back to...." 

H.B. (Pat) Zachry, Philosopher - Entrepreneur - Businessman
"... I do not choose to be a common man ... I want to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed ....  Yes, I want to live dangerously, plan my procedures on the basis of calculated risk, to resolve the problems of everyday living into a measure of inner peace ...." 

Bruce Benjamin Cloud, Father
"Each one of us has a double loyalty; one which goes to those above us and one to those below us.

"To be happy and successful, then, a person

  • must not dream without sacrificing;
  • he must not wish for something without the desire and vitality to work for it;
  • he must make each failure help in the success he wants by not repeating his mistakes;
  • he must measure each success in relation to the ultimate success;
  • he must learn to be happy within himself
  • and learn to help others, for therein lies the greatest success one can attain.  (P. 198, Notes from the Manager's Scratch Pad)

"One who coasts will always slow down; so keep challenging yourself. If growth stops, decay begins." 

"One of the hardest things a man can do is to look at himself objectively, realistically, without self-glorification, deception or despair."  (7002)

Memorial Thoughts

Bruce Cloud, Jr.
"There is a Spirit inside of us that has all the energy in the world"

"Be ready, be prepared,
Live an honest life and die without fear."

Professional Resume

"American by birth and Texan by the grace of God"

Daniel Cloud
The Texas Manifesto

"Ever since Texas has unfurled the banner of freedom, and commenced a Warfare of liberty or death, our hearts have been enlisted in her behalf.... If we succeed, the Country is ours. It is immense in extent, and fertile in its soil and will amply reward all our toil. If we fail, death in the cause of liberty and humanity is not cause for shuddering. Our rifles are by our side and choice guns they are, we know what awaits us, and are prepared to meet it." 

December 26, 1835 (posted in route to the Alamo, San Antonio de Bexar) with Davy Crockett's Kentucky troops   Read entire letter

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